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    Top Tips for a Speedy Recovery after a Liposuction Procedure

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure designed to remove localized fat deposits that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Regardless of whether liposuction is being performed on the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, or thighs, one of the first questions patients usually have is what they can expect during the recovery period. Make sure you’re prepared by consulting your surgeon and checking out these liposuction recovery tips:

    Wear Compression Garments
    Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with compression garments immediately after your surgery. It is important to wear these elastic stockings as instructed to support healing tissues, help your skin adjust to the reduction in fat, and decrease swelling. Patients wear compression garments for 2-3 weeks. "We usually place patients and a compression garment right after surgery, and recommended that they pick up another compression garment to wear after the first week", says Dr. Joseph Perlman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston.

    Stay Hydrated
    Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water after your procedure to help reduce swelling and expedite the healing process. You may also consider maintaining a low-sodium diet, as salt causes water retention.

    Get Plenty of Rest
    It is important to stay off of your feet as much as possible immediately following a liposuction procedure. Consider preparing a recovery area on your bed or couch ahead of time by gathering lots of pillows, snacks, water, and other items you may need so that you can limit your activity level. You may also ask a close friend of family member to assist you for a day or two.

    Massage the Area Gently
    Your cosmetic surgeon may recommend gently massaging the treatment areas in the weeks following your surgery. This is often recommended to encourage blood circulation, increasing the amount of blood flow to your tissues and providing your body with the oxygen and essential nutrients it needs to heal properly.

    Dr. Perlman uses both ultrasonic assisted liposuction (Vaser) and laser assisted liposuction (SmartLipo) for his procedures. "For small areas that can be treated under local anesthetic, I prefer to use SmartLipo as in office procedure", says Dr. Perlman. " For larger areas, I'll take patients to an outpatient surgery center that I use for Vaser procedures. I think both of these advanced liposuction techniques are less traumatic than conventional liposuction so patients have less pain and may heal faster. In addition, they both stimulate collagen production and a little tightening of the overlying skin. I'm particularly impressed with how SmartLipo helps with fat and the neck and upper arms, and shrinks the skin"

    When diet and exercise aren’t enough to get your body in summer-shape, it may be time to consider liposuction. Get the information you need to make an informed decision by contacting Dr. Perlman with the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre at (281) 394-4167. You can also learn more about our services for patients by visiting us online. 

    Commonly Asked Questions about Labiaplasty, Answered

    Last updated 1 year ago

    When most people think about cosmetic surgery, their first thought is typically of body contouring procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks. However, advances in the field of plastic surgery have led to the development of several revolutionary procedures, including labiaplasty. Continue reading for answers to some of the most common questions regarding labiaplasty. 

    What Is a Labiaplasty?
    Also known as labia reduction, a labiaplasty is a procedure designed to better define the inner labia by reducing the size of or reshaping the labia minora.

    Who Can Benefit from the Procedure?
    A labiaplasty is a great option for women who suffer from pain or discomfort while wearing tightly fitting clothing, playing sports, or engaging in sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty surgery is also beneficial for women whose labia minora have been damaged during childbirth. In some cases, labiaplasty can be performed to increase clitoral exposure and boost sexual function.

    How is the Procedure Performed?
    Labiaplasty procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and are usually completed in one to two hours. After administering local, twilight, or general anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon will remove excess tissue from the labia minora and reduce the size of the labia majora using surgical methods or liposuction if necessary.

    What Can I Expect During Recovery?
    It is normal to experience mild swelling and discomfort immediately following a labia reduction. The swelling should disappear within six weeks and can be managed with supportive undergarments. Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with medications to alleviate any discomfort during the first few days following surgery. Most women can return to work within two to five days after the procedure.

    Dr. Joseph Perlman, a plastic surgeon in Houston, has been performing labiaplasty for 15 years and has taught other physicians his techniques. "The surgery itself is relatively simple and recovery is a matter of a few days. The sutures are dissolvable and patients return to their normal activity within 7-10 days."

    Whether you’re interested in labiaplasty surgery, liposuction, or facial rejuvenation, the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre is here to help. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Perlman has been helping patients for over 20 years. Call our Houston office at (281) 394-4167 or visit us online to set up an initial consultation. 

    Prevent Your Child from Being Teased About Their Ears

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Of the many features targeted for ridicule during one’s formative years, the ears are a popular choice. Whether teasing is focused on overly large earlobes, asymmetrical or uneven ears, or ears that protrude, mockery can be psychologically and emotionally damaging to a child.

    Continue reading to learn about how to address teasing and find out what you can do to prevent such situations from affecting your child.

    • Encouraging Self-Confidence

    First and foremost, it is important to instill a sense of confidence in your child. Let him know that he is simply going through a rough patch socially and that being teased is a normal part of adolescent life.

    • Exploring Surgical Correction

    If your child’s ears have become especially problematic, it may be time to consider a surgical remedy. Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure that can create a more natural, more proportionate appearance for the ears and face. Otoplasty is a procedure commonly used to treat children, as the ears are typically developed by age four or five. The sooner you invest in an otoplasty surgery, the less likely it is that your child will become a victim of teasing and humiliation.

    Otoplasty is a relatively simple surgery that has minimally visible scarring. Incisions are typically made behind the ear and, once the targeted cartilage has been manipulated or excised, any necessary incisions are conveniently hidden behind the folds of the inner ear or along the hairline. As an end result, your child’s ears will be symmetrical, proportionate, and—to the naked eye—will not appear to have been surgically altered.

    Are you considering otoplasty for your child? Call the cosmetic surgeons at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre. Our Houston offices can be reached via email, through our website or over the phone at (281) 394-4167.

    More Cosmetic Surgery Sources from Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Are you looking for more information on breast augmentation and rosacea? Get the details you need from the following links!

    • Would you like to know more about rosacea and its symptoms? See this comprehensive overview for patients on
    • If you have questions about the effectiveness of IPL photofacials on rosacea symptoms, read through this brief journal entry from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
    • For more guidance on choosing the right breast implant size, explore this advisory post on
    • To learn about the materials used in breast implants today, read through this comparison of saline vs. silicon on the Mayo Clinic’s website.

    If you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a cosmetic surgery procedure, contact the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre at (281) 394-4167.

    Common Reasons People Get Rhinoplasty

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure pursued by patients who wish to alter the size and shape of their noses. While this surgery can be performed independently of other procedures, many cosmetic surgery patients opt to have rhinoplasty administered in conjunction with other treatments, like a facelift or liposuction.

    Reasons for pursuing rhinoplasty will vary, but here are some common scenarios where patients seek help from a cosmetic surgeon:

    • Aesthetic Reasons Many rhinoplasty patients consider treatment because they are dissatisfied with the shape and contour of their noses. Some have a bump at the nose’s bridge, some may want to alter the shape of the nose tip, while others prefer a shorter nose length. Some patients are embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance, and would emotionally and psychologically benefit from this cosmetic procedure. Others may be seeking treatment to satisfy the requirements of their professional life as actresses, models, and those whose livelihoods depend on physical appearance. Many men and women are dissatisfied with their profiles from an early age, so few hesitate to achieve the look and confidence they always wanted.
    • Medical Reasons Some cosmetic surgery patients will invest in a rhinoplasty due to medical issues caused by the shape and size of their nose. Some patients may have trouble breathing or speaking properly, suffer from chronic rhinitis or sinus infections, or are otherwise physically uncomfortable because of their noses. These issues may be caused by defects present at birth, or by facial trauma caused by sports activities or car accidents.

    Considering rhinoplasty surgery to improve the size and shape of your nose? Contact Dr. Perlman at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre for professional and expert cosmetic treatment. Set up an appointment by calling (281) 394-4167 today!

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